What We Do

We're Financial Planners first and foremost.  We believe that the world of personal finance is not one size fits all.  We work with each client to create a individual roadmap that looks at all potential areas of need,  including but not limited to:

Asset Management/Allocation - e.g. - Am I diversified? Should I have more stocks or bonds? Am I invested too risky, or too conservatively? What’s the difference between an IRA and Roth IRA? Should I open a Roth IRA? What do I do with my old 401k/403(b) plan(s)?

Retirement planning - e.g. - How should I invest my 401k/403(b)? What is a Roth 401k/403(b)? How much do I need to invest to get my full employer match, do I have an employer match? What are all these benefits my employer is offering? Should I save more in 401(k)/403(b)? Do I have a pension? What is this self-directed 401(k)/403(b) option?

Financial health - e.g. - Can you help me build a budget? What is my net worth? How much should be in my emergency fund? What is the best way to pay student loans? How do I buy a house?

Risk management - e.g. - Do I need life insurance? Should I have more life insurance? What is Long Term Care? What is the difference in Term Vs. Permanent insurance? Is my employer insurance enough?

Education funding - e.g. - What can I do to help my kids/grandkids pay for school? What's a 529? How do I fill out FAFSA? How do we pay for private school?

Tax planning- e.g. - How do I pay less in taxes? How do I use my assets without being penalized by taxes? Can we reduce your current and future tax burden.  Referring you to qualified tax specialists, if needed.

Estate planning - e.g. - Do I need a will or trust? What's the best way to leave assets to my heirs?  How can I support the causes that mean a lot to me after I'm gone? How do I change my beneficiaries? Will I have to pay estate taxes?

Employee and executive benefits - e.g. - How do I keep my business financially healthy? Should I start a 401(k) plan? What is a SEP IRA? How do I sell my business for a fair price? What is key-man insurance?